Upcoming exhibition- Green Art Gallery Dubai presents “Innerscapes” a solo show of recent works by renowned Turkish photographer Nazif Topcuoglu

Opening Reception: 11th Jan 2012, 7 – 9 pm

Exhibition Dates: 11/01/2012 – 05/03/2012

Green Art Gallery opens its 2012 program with a solo exhibition for the acclaimed Turkish photographer Nazif Topcuoglu presenting a new series of works. Marking the artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, the show opens on January 11th and will be on view until March 5th 2012. A reception will be held on the 11th of January from 7 – 9 pm in the presence of the artist.

Known for his highly staged theatrical works typically featuring young girls living in lavish period backdrops, Nazif Topcuoglu’s photographs take on a nostalgic view of youth. While in his works, like Proust, he does not glorify a certain-definite- “past” era, he nonetheless implies a yearning for one’s own youth or an imagined “golden age”. The way in which we as humans rate our experience as valuable is through moments that are imagined, be they in the past (half-remembered) or in the future (not yet realized).

This idealization of youth however, goes hand in hand with an overall sense of sadness and desperation felt by the artist. With the encroaching global problems facing the youth today, wars, famines, economical downturns, a hope for a better future becomes an idealization in itself. Topcuoglu, who is part of the generation who participated in the major upheavals the world faced in the 1960‘s, maintains that the sense of hope, of a view of changing the world experienced then, seems desolate and almost obsolete today.

The young female characters depicted in his works have grown up in this very context and are now facing the various adult issues of the day. Like a modern day Alice, they may be opposed and frustrated at every turn, but they are mostly dissenters not collaborationists, speaking up against the way people insist on the rightness of their conventional ways of doing things. Like in the Alice stories, these girls raise the voice of common sense against the arbitrary rules and unjust commandments of the grown-up world. It is for this reason that when looking at Topcuoglu’s seemingly ‘pretty’ images of attractive girls, the viewer nonetheless cannot help but sense a disturbing tension at what lies beneath.

Born in 1953, Nazif Topcuoglu graduated with a Masters degree from the Institute of Design in Chicago in 1981. Since then he has exhibited worldwide and has held several solo shows both in Istanbul and abroad, as well as publishing 3 books on the history and criticism of photography. Topcuoglu’s work was included in the Turkish pavillion during the 50th Venice biennale in 2003 and he has participated in various prestigious group shows including“ A Subjective Panorama of Contemporary Turkish Photography” as part of the Turkish Cultural Season in Paris at the Maison de Metallos in November 2009.  His work is included in several public and private collections as well as several significant publications on contemporary art. These include: “Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography”, published by Phaidon in 2006, “User’s Manual: Contemporary Art in Turkey 1986-2006”, published by art-ist in 2007 and “Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey” which was published by Transglobe in the spring  of 2010.

Nazif Topcuoglu, A Pre-Raphaelite picture, c-print, 90 x 61 cm, 2011

Nazif Topcuoglu, All for one, one for all (Tous pour un, un pour tous), c-print, 120 x 161 cm, 2010

Nazif Topcuoglu, Dragon, c-print, 140 x 100 cm, 2009

Nazif Topcuoglu, Girls at Home, c-print, 120 x 180 cm, 2011

Nazif Topcuoglu, Guerilla Girls, c-print, 124 x 124 cm, 2010

Nazif Topcuoglu, Introspection, c-print, 120 x 168 cm, 2010

Nazif Topcuoglu, Like Thieves at Midnight, c-print, 121 x 210 cm, 2011

Nazif Topcuoglu, Sisters, c-print, 120 x 80 cm, 2011

Nazif Topcuoglu, Solace, c-print, 120 x 182 cm, 2009

Nazif Topcuoglu, Sorrow, c-print, 180 x 120 cm, 2010

Nazif Topcuoglu, The Hunger, c-print, 124 x 143 cm, 2011

Nazif Topcuoglu, The Slap, c-print, 100 x 100 cm, 2008

Nazif Topcuoglu, The Space Jadu, c-print, 120 x 80 cm, 2011

Nazif Topcuoglu, The Turtle Charmer, 2011, C-print mounted on foam board, Edition 1-5+AP2, 167 x 120 cm

Nazif Topcuoglu, Turquoise, c-print, 60 x 90 cm, 2011

Nazif Topcuoglu, Magic Carpets, 2010, C-print mounted on foam board, AP2, 116 x 175 cm

About Green Art Gallery

Green Art Gallery was first established in 1995, and was a key player in the development of major modern Arab artists in the region. In late 2008, keeping only the name intact, Green Art Gallery went through a complete rebranding and restructuring of its identity, artist roster, and curatorial focus. In 2010 the gallery relocated to a 3000 sqft warehouse space which allowed for the innovative and ambitious projects which were to follow. Central to the curatorial program are contemporary artists of all media from the Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia, and Turkey, who rely heavily on a research-based practice. Most recently the gallery has continued to grow with the additions of internationally renowned and emerging artists including Hale Tenger, Kamrooz Aram, and Shadi Habib Allah to the artist roster.
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