Shawki Youssef | Fluid Being | May 3 – June 3 2011 | Works in Exhibition

Shawki Youssef’s first solo in Dubai will open on May 3rd at Green Art Gallery. This exciting painter has produced  a fantastic new body of work which will be on view at the exhibition until June 3rd. Here is a snapshot of some of the works to be included in the exhibition. For more information on the exhibition, click on this post.

Shawki Youssef, Grasp that spine, Mixed media on canvas, 215 x 143 cm, 2011

Shawki Youssef, That sick hope of this becoming a past, Mixed media on canvas, 120 x 93 cm, 2011

Shawki Youssef, Shouting Fish, Mixed media on canvas, 167 x 140 cm, 2011

Shawki Youssef, Mud, Iron, and Ink for a perfect crime, Mixed media on canvas, 143 x 402 cm, 2011

Shawki Youssef, Mercure, Mixed media on canvas, 188 x 140 cm, 2011

Shawki Youssef, Fluid being, evaporated bones, Mixed media on canvas, 140 x 224 cm,2011

Shawki Youssef, growing waters on earth boy, Mixed media on canvas, 120 x 134 cm,2011

Shawki Youssef, Faceless Narcissus, Mixed media on canvas, 132 x 132 cm,2011

Shawki Youssef, Ego Fall, Mixed media on canvas, 224 x 140 cm,2011

Shawki Youssef, borrowing Botticellis delicacy, Mixed media on canvas, 134 x 97 cm, 2011

Shawki Youssef, Apple, Mixed media on canvas, 143 x 178 cm, 2011

About Green Art Gallery

Green Art Gallery was first established in 1995, and was a key player in the development of major modern Arab artists in the region. In late 2008, keeping only the name intact, Green Art Gallery went through a complete rebranding and restructuring of its identity, artist roster, and curatorial focus. In 2010 the gallery relocated to a 3000 sqft warehouse space which allowed for the innovative and ambitious projects which were to follow. Central to the curatorial program are contemporary artists of all media from the Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia, and Turkey, who rely heavily on a research-based practice. Most recently the gallery has continued to grow with the additions of internationally renowned and emerging artists including Hale Tenger, Kamrooz Aram, and Shadi Habib Allah to the artist roster.
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